Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Underarmour Ireland

Underarmour has really exploded here in Ireland over the last year and now its not just known as a sports brand, but also a stylish lifestyle brand. Underarmour kit out a huge number of professional athletes and teams, including all of the NFL, football teams and rugby teams. With that in mind you know you are buying into a brand that has been designed for both function and quality. UA is not just a brand that caters for sports teams and males, they actually have a really amazing women's range too. They have incorporated their classic well fitted items with some amazing vibrant colours. Pinks, purples, neons and everything in between. So you wont be buying a range designed to fit just men, the cuts are very flattering and feminine and don't make you look bulky or hidden like some sportswear ranges. The women's range is the perfect combination of sporty and feminine, and is ideal for gym lovers like myself, runners, walkers and individuals who like stylish sportswear as a day to day statement. 

So if you are looking for long lasting , hard working sportswear then Underarmour for women is definitely the brand for you. Underarmour is available from a huge number of Irish stores both online and in stock, including Lifestyle sports, Elvery's, 53 degrees north and Littlewoods Ireland. They also have great discounts directly from the Underarmour website, which now deliver to Ireland. Can take a maximum of four weeks to deliver so keep that in mind.

                                                                   Above : 102.15 euro

                                                                    Above : 52.16 euro

Above : 65.20 euro

Above : 48.90 euro

Above : 35.86 euro

Above : 81.50 euro

Above : 81.50 euro

Above : 81.50

We had to throw this one in above , we are obsessed with it here at Bikinibrawn.
We love the camouflage print.
above : 43.46 euro 

For more information on the Underarmour range please don't hesitate to get in touch .
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