Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lidl Sportswear with Crivet launching Thursday the 20th February

Lidl may not be a brand you would automatically think of for sportswear or fitness products, but a brand you associate with affordable products. The reality is these days we all have to be responsible with our finances and company's like Lidl help you do that. They have also caught onto the current fitness craze and want to help you with your venture. It is a true testimony to the growing interest in health and the fitness industry, That Lidl are launching the second of their fitness collections this year. They wont only be offering stylish and affordable sportswear by Civet but will also have other products that will help you get fit, toned and healthier this 2014. You can expect items like Kettlebells, Resistance bands, toning belts and even headphones and sports watches. Of course you know you can also expect great prices that wont hurt your pockets.

Resistance bands : 4.99 euro
Sports watches : 7.99 euro in six different styles
Headphones with non slip headband : only 2.99 euro
Toning Belt : 19.99 euro 

The clothing range !

Ladies performance Tshirts in Neon Pink and Lilac, Fitness leggings and trousers in Grey and Black and trainers in Pink and Black. 
Also available is a comfy fitness jacket. 

Cost 5.99 euro - 14.99 euro, so i think you can agree great prices.

Two kettlebells will be available to buy
2.5 kg - 5.99 euro
5kg - 7.99 euro 

 Two protein powders will also be available to buy from the 17th of February in a range of flavours. Including Met Rx Supreme protein powder 
( 19.99 euro) and Vyomax protein powder (29.99 euro)

Have you ever purchased sports wear or fitness equipment from Lidl, Whats your verdict and will you be running out to buy the range ? 

Kelly D 

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