Sunday, 2 February 2014

Rockpit Fitness Belfast

I was lucky to get the opportunity to train in one of Northern Ireland's leading strength and conditioning gyms this weekend ' Rockpit Fitness'. 
It was very refreshing to get out of the typical commercial, corporate style gym and step into an environment with like minded fitness people. From the moment you walked in the door you felt totally welcome and electrified with the atmosphere. If you have ever heard of the saying quality over quantity, well that saying applys to Rockpit. It may not be a huge facility but every inch of the place is built for gym heads, who want to be the best they can be. Speaking to the owner his passion for people and his members is second to none, and tells me how he is always reinvesting in new equipment, to keep his members motivated and excited. Rockpit not only looks the part with a coordinated black and orange colour scheme, walls and equipment but even their Rockpit team look the part , and would motivate you to get fit. Rockpit fitness also have a nice chillout area the Rock Cafe, where you can grab a coffee, protein shake and relax after a workout. So whether you are based in Northern Ireland or maybe just on a trip, i highly recommend stopping into Rockpit. They also offer a free ten day trial, just to suck you in 

 Some snaps i took below on my phone during my session !

Me below having fun at Rockpit fitness heehee

Check out Rockpit Fitness online :

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