Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rachel Fredericksons dramatic weight loss and wins the biggest loser title !

I have to say the Biggest loser is one of my all time favourite shows, whether its the american version or the Australian. Nothing gets me more excited about getting healthy, than inspirational shows of this nature, you don't need to be a size 22 or over to relate to the Biggest loser. The reason i love these shows is because they are all about self improvement, motivation, battling your flaws and achieving greatness. I think everyone can relate or admire all of those things, hence me being a big fan of the show. The current season of The biggest loser US has just ended with a huge bang and with a lot of controversy. It is causing quite a stir in the states and not surprisingly on social media. Winner of this season, Rachel Frederickson pulled out all the stops to get her hands on the title, as well as the huge cash prize. Speculation has mounted that Rachel is now suffering with an eating disorder and has gone to far. Rachel started her biggest looser journey at 260 pounds/19 stone and ended her journey at 105 pounds/7.5 stone. 


The entire biggest loser team were shocked, including head trainer bob barker 'The Biggest Loser" since 2004, said the weight-loss competition has never had a winner who weighed so little. "I was stunned," he said. "We've never had a contestant at 105 pounds.
The 5'4 winner admits to pushing herself harder than she has ever pushed, just to be in with a chance of winning. She also goes on to say her regime wont be as strict now that that the competition is over. Ahead of the final she trained from 10am until 2am everyday and ate a strict diet of 1600 calories, just to be in with a chance of getting the gold. 
"I was very enthusiastic about the finale and I'm really excited about my life here going into maintenance mode," she reiterated. "I'm going to try new exercises and continue on this path and see where it takes me—finding that balance!"

What is your verdict on Rachel's transformation ? Do you think she pulled out all the stops to win or has she gone to far. We would also love to hear what your favourite fitness shows are, all you have to do is leave a comment below 

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