Monday, 24 February 2014

Shock Absorber

We never think of why we actually wear sports bra's, well in my case anyway i don't. I am usually more concerned about the colour and the brand rather than its major purpose. It really is something we don't take into consideration enough, whether your an A cup to an F cup. 44% of women who exercise regularly do not wear sports bra's, which i think is mind blowing. We are so aware of safety and support when it comes to our footwear and also about looking after our back.
Is it time we started looking after our lady lumps ?

Here are reason why you should be wearing high quality sports bra's !

1) Support.
It is important to have support, whether your running or hitting the gym. It is also crucial to make sure your sports bra is a perfect fit just like a standard bra. Having the extra support can add extra comfort and also help flatten the size of larger breasts , which can be hugely beneficial when it comes to physical activity.

2) So the puppies don't bounce.
As funny as it sounds it really is a reality. There is nothing more uncomfortable and nothing more unattractive then uncontrollable bouncing boobies. You will also find yourself distracting a lot of other people in the meantime. Breasts can move up to 14cm during exercise, those with A cups can even expect theirs to bounce up to 14mm. 

3) It can damage you're body
Yes going free and loose can lead to long term breast damage. that also applies to those with smaller cup sizes. You can still damage you're breasts, even if you have not experienced pain or discomfort. So be responsible

4) Keep us cool 
Most high quality sports bra's are made with soft cotton, breathable materials. Meaning keeping you cool and also limiting sweat around the breast area, which can be very annoying and uncomfortable. 


So where do we look for high quality, scientifically proven sports bra's, that are also stylish. A really great range that i highly recommend is the Shock Absorber sports bra. A really great range, which suits all needs and sports. The shock absorber sports bra has been proven to reduce breast movement by up to 78%.  The material is also made with a quick dry material which regulates the bodies temperature, making it much easier and more comfortable to workout .The shock absorber also promises to keep you dry, fresh and airy during your training , which i can guarantee.  Just like any high quality every day bra, the more you spend the better the quality and of course the more durable. You are looking at between 40 euro - 50 euro for your very own shock absorber bra. The best news is that they are now widely available in Irish stores, including Debenhams, Arnotts, Lifestyle sports, Elverys and Littlwoods. 

Rocking my Shock Absorber and showing off all my booty work haha

For more information on the Shock Absorber range, check out the website here

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