Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Kelly's Tomatoe & ginger meatballs

Eating healthy can become very monotonous and boring. I myself fall into the trap of cooking from convenience, usually leading to me eating nothing but chicken, sweet potatoe and broccoli. Let's be fair, its hardly exciting. The reality is that there are so many Delicious recipes available to cook that will still fit into your clean diet. with just a little bit of effort and very little time you can create a flavorsome dish, that you will be proud of. My turkey meatballs in a ginger & tomatoe sauce is just that, a healthy dish that i am proud of. 

Ingredients :

Meatballs :
400g Turkey mince 
1 Onion / spring onion
1 clove of garlic 
handful porridge oats 
2 egg whites 

Sauce :
1 knob fresh ginger 
4 cloves garlic ( depending on love of garlic)
fresh thyme
1 stick celery
400g/ variety of tomatoes
300g water 

Sides of choice :
Brown rice / lettuce / cous cous / veg 


           Chop vegetables ie onion, garlic & celery.
             Finely chop everything or alternatively blend

Either use a non stick pot or add a tiny spoon of olive oil to pan. Caramelize the onions, celery and garlic. Do not allow to burn 

Here are the three varieties of tomatoes i included. I actually only used half of these, so plan on making a tomoatoe soup from the remaining tomatoes. 

Chop tomatoes 

Add the tomatoes to the pot and allow to cook for 10 minutes on a low heat, tomatoes become soft. 

Add your fresh thyme and water to the mixture as well as the ginger ( I always grate ginger as i think it releases the flavour better ) 

Allow to stew and reduce for 40 minutes on a low heat 

Turkey Meatballs 

Chop your garlic and onions again for the turkey mixture. Feel free to add more ginger if you are partial, not necessary. Combine the turkey mine, onions and garlic together. The mice tends to be very stringy in the pack so its necessary to break up with a fork or spoon.

Add a handful of porridge oats and the egg whites to the mixture, this helps bond the ingredients together. Again mix the remaining items together until theres an even distribution of everything in the mince.   

                   The mixture makes a total of 12 medium sized meatballs, they actually look quite small in the photo but were actually quite big. I usually roll the balls out using my hands , as its easiest. 

    The meatballs cook very quickly , 10 minutes max at 160 * allow them to just brown all over and then to finish cooking in the sauce. 

    Combine the sauce and meatablls and cook for a further 25 minutes in the oven. 

                                 And enjoy 

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