Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Snookie looks incredible

We all know snookie from her outrageous antics on MTV's hit reality show 'Jersey shore'. 

The infectious character always found herself in drunken arguments and situations, which we all remember her for. We don't however remember her for her healthy food choices or grueling workouts, but it turns out the star has made that transition. After the birth of her son, she decided to get back into shape, loosing an amazing 3 stone. As you can see from the photographs snookie looks beyond amazing. After 11 hard motnhs of working out five days a week the star is thrilled to be down to 96 pounds , especially of the fact she is only 4'9 in height. She included weight training, cardio sessions, zumba and plyometrics as well as a clean diet of protein and vegetables. The star also admitted a lot of her weight was down to alcohol consumption, which she now cuts out. Snookie has really turned her life around and feels better than ever. She also wants to set a good example to her son by living a fit and healthy life. Her current goal is to gain more muscle and sustain her new healthy body.
A huge congratulations from Bikinibrawn to snookie on her brand new body and we hope she continues to promote living a healthy lifestyle.

   Whats your verdict on snookie's new body ? 

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