Thursday, 27 March 2014

Do we have to become fitness machines ??

I have been feeling beyond guilty the past couple of weeks, that my own mission has taken me away from my readers. Which makes me think about how mechanical we can become when we set ourselves a serious fitness goal. Have i become a fitness obsessed machine, a person that cant make time for her usual duties? is this the norm ? Should you feel guilty ?. I am not entirely sure of the correct answer to these questions. None the less my desire for success burns stronger than ever, my body goals well within my grasp. To think ten weeks has passed since my last cheeky snack, a luxurious bingefest and a night on the tiles, filled with cocktails and of course the inevitable next day hangover. There are moments when i sit at home and all i can think about is chocolate or pizza, but when i wake up the next day i realize the chocolate would have only given me instant satisfaction, i would have had nothing to show for it the following day. My sixteen week transformation is in its last phase, and to think i have passed up hundreds of those cravings is mind blowing. I feel empowered to know i have the ability to fight that demon on my shoulder. Even though my transformation is specifically focused on my body and health, i have no doubts this strength is going to have a huge effect on the rest of my life. So maybe i have become mechanical and a little distracted, but i think from time to time we have to be a little selfish and achieve new goals. I have become a stronger person a more determined person and of course a healthier person. I guess in some ways i have answered the question. That sometimes we can become obsessive but that doesn't mean we are machines, if anything our emotions are heightened. Would love to hear what your opinions are, do you become selfish when you are trying to get in shape, do you feel guilty ??

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