Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Bang and Olufsen experience

Some people would consider themselves emotional trainers, no i don't mean they cry during training. Actually they might not even realize they are emotional trainer. An emotional trainer is a person who finds exercise a source of fulfilling or satisfying an emotional desire through training. A person who finds training satisfying to the soul and the mind. Some however just train our of necessity, some people on the other hand detest exercise. There is nothing wrong with any of these methods, each person is different in their reasons and different in their feelings towards exercise. 

For me exercise is one hundred percent linked with emotion, it is an outlet for me to overcome my mind, to be tough and to let off steam. When i train i like to put my headphones one, turn the music up as load as possible, get focused and connect with my emotions to get e through my workout. You might think emotions, training and music are totally unrelated, but for me they are necessary together. Again everyone is individual. On a typical day to day i would consider myself musically eclectic, but at the gym my music needs to be empowering. I find myself listening to some heavy music that i wouldn't typically listen to, again linked to the emotional connection. When i wore my Bang+Olufsen head phones, i escaped into the zone. Nobody could speak to me, i could hear nothing except my thoughts and the music. To be honest the sound was so good, i actually could barely hear my thoughts, and that never happens. The H6 play headphones by Bang + Olufsen were a luxury compared to my typical iphone earphones. They didn't fall out, they didn't irritate my ears and the sound was pristine, it was beyond refreshing. As a person who spends a lot of time in the gym, a great set of headphones is essential and worth every penny. Bang + Olufsen is a danish company who produce luxury sound systems. As you all know from reading my blog i am a huge fan of unusual , untypical brands. If you are looking for stylish, sophisticated and modern then the Bang + Olufsen H6 play headphones are for you, a nice change from the saturated Dr Dre beats headphones that the majority wear. If you are like me and are passionate about music with training then try Bang+Olufsen, or maybe a gift for a boyfriend or Girlfriend. B+O are now located in Donnybrook, on the main street. 

               Sporting my Band+Olufsen H6's 
                 for one of my many workouts

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