Thursday, 27 March 2014

The focus group review

The Bikinibrawn focus group was a bigger success than i could have ever imagined. Not only were the group of women involved dynamic, positive, friendly and engaging but also hugely vocal about the products on offer at the event. A Blog would be nothing without the readers behind it, and with that in mind i organized the group get together. During our focus group we chatted all things health and fitness. We really delved into all elements from our own struggles and desires and of course we heavily discussed the products. There are so many exciting brands out there that people are not aware of from  health food brands , sports nutrition goods, supplements, organic foods, health drinks and everything in between. Obviously as a health & fitness blogger i am constantly looking and trying new products. I thought it was such a good idea to share that with my readers and give them a chance to try out contemporary and exciting brands, and also to FINALLY get hands on with the blog they read. In reality everyone's opinions are different, and what i like doesn't necessarily mean you will like it. This group review will really be a new dynamic way of reviewing products on Bikinibrawn. I hope you enjoy all of the opinions and would love to hear YOUR thoughts on some of the products. If you interested in taking part in a Bikinibrawn focus group please leave a message below 

Here are some lovely reviews from some of our guests : 

''I thought the focus group was a good laugh but it was also very informative and enjoyable. As it was nice to met people with a similar mind frame , that it means a lot to them to to live a healthy life style while still looking good lol. i thought you gave the information out well and explained yourself well too. But most important you made us all feel welcome as if we had all known each other for a while which made the atmosphere comfortable and friendly.''

'' I really enjoyed the focus group and found it really helpful, meeting so many like minded women and talking about a topic were all so passionate about. Id definitely be interested in another one. I thought you were a brilliant speaker, very clear, friendly and enthusiastic. I think its great how you write for what your readers want and really include them in your blog, social media sites etc''

'' I thought the group was great. I really it. I was nervous at first, because i'd be shy enough, but felt as ease once i got there. I really enjoyed all the products that you got for us to test, it was great to try them. I'm a fussy eater as well so i probably wouldn't have tried most of them off my own back. You spoke well and felt you shared information you learned along the way. You also gave us a little background info on the products which was nice( The ladies dropping up the spelt bread ) sticks in my head. So cute its the personal; touch that stands out ''

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