Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Activewear by Forever 21

                                     Cheap and Cheerful 

I hadn't planned on this Blog being about clothing but i felt the need to blog about Forever 21's active range. Since i am back on my full time fitness buzz some new training gear was clearly an essential . I am training twice most days, so as you can imagine i am FLYING threw clothing. I find most sports brands are really expensive for example you might spend over One hundred euro on a couple of cool and stylish pieces. For me training gear must be comfortable, Functional and stylish. Some people like wearing really baggy gym gear, each to their own i suppose but i prefer stretchy and fitted. 

I was having a little browse in Forever 21 in the Jervis center today. Not looking for anything specific but came across their sports wear. I found myself really surprised by the quality, the style and lets not forget the price by all the range on offer . I spent a total of Fifty euro and came home with two new pairs of tight legged bottoms, one black and one grey, two crop tops and a fitted vest top. 
Of course when you see a cute crop top that only cost nine euro and a pair of cool gym pants for twelve euro, suspicions mount! Before i purchased all my pieces i took them for a test run in the changing rooms, Like a completely normal person i tried jumping, squatting, lunging and a couple of other odd movements to get a feel for the clothing. With great relief all the clothing was completely functional and all for fifty euro. I will post some photos tomorrow of me wearing the Forever 21 Active range , here's some of the items i bought. 

Cinched skinny gym leggings 
12.75 euro 

High impact sports bra 
It might be cheap but it really means high impact. 
Being a lady with a big bust i can say it offers serious support but is still stylish and sporty
13.75 euro

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  1. You are absolutely right! Whatever stuff you get from forever 21, it’s truly amazing. Their quality is superb and price unmatchable. I get most of my stuff from Forever 21 and recently purchased a new pair of workout leggings from them.