Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sporty to Evening

I have been very firm in saying i wont promote anything on Bikinibrawn unless i have tried it first hand. It looks like that saying still stands even with regards hairstyles. I decided i liked the Boxer braids so much, that i decided to incorporate them into a night time look.
Taking the adventurous plunge at no less a family party, where i knew i would have my most honest critics. At times i felt a bit like Miley Cyrus but i spent the night getting complemented for my amazing and stand out hairstyle .
To be honest i actually really enjoyed having my hair back from my face , it also managed to stay perfect from the beginning to end of the night . So being both stylish and functional , saving me many trips to the bathroom mirror.

Here are the photos. What do you think of my evening boxer braid look ??

I also tried the Standard boxer braids earlier in the day. I will be rocking this too the gym tomorrow. Great hairstyle idea for those with both Long and short hair

Would you be brave enough to wear the boxerbraids on a night out with friends. Or have you tried any other cool hairstyles you could share with us here at Bikinibrawn ??
Leave a comment below.

Kelly D

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