Sunday, 29 December 2013

2014 Meal plan

Healthy meal plan for 2014 !! 

I decided to include a a meal plan for all my readers, i genuinely cant stress enough how important it is to have a plan. Whether this diet plan is the one for you or not, it gives a good indication of how you should plan out your week nutritionally. I ALWAYS print out my weekly food plan and keep it on my fridge, keeping me focused and keeping me on track.  My own meal plan for 2014 is a lot more exact than the one below, but its a brilliant start.

You can adapt the plan below in whatever fashion you like. If you can add more protein and green vegetables that is even better. It all depends on your level of commitment. 
If you see a meal you like and don't know what it is, Don't be lazy GOOGLE IT, Get proactive 

I also am a huge fan of calenders, i am lucky enough to have got two for Christmas. I like to give myself a target and then highlight the weeks leading up to it !
Every week i tick of another successful week, and also showing me that i am a week closer to my goal. I personally don't think willy nilly diets and plans work, you need a goal, you need a target and you need something to work towards, and that goes for people wanting to loose five stone to a person who just wants to improve. 

My calenders below :)

I personally advise trying out a ten week get fit and get healthy plan, especially if you are going with the plan below. I also recommend including as much exercise as you can, The gym, Jogging, Dance classes, TRX whatever, get your ass moving !! 

Going by my own plan summer is only 20 weeks away so that means time to take responsibility. Anything is possible with a great attitude and a plan 

Leave a comment below and tell me what your 2014 goals are 

Kelly D


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