Monday, 30 December 2013

Geordie shore's Vicky launches weight loss DVD

My last two stories on Vicky Pattison's amazing weight loss success, has seen many viewers hit Bikinibrawn to get all the gossip. You may not be a fan of Geordie Shore or Reality TV but i have no doubts you will be a fan of her amazing weight loss DVD 'Vicky's seven day slim'. After hitting the shelves for Christmas, the DVD has had huge success, and is number two on the amazon most popular list. The Tv star has finally hit her target size, an astonishing size six. We personally think she looks amazing and is the proof anything is possible, through healthy food and training.

 "I don't eat white bread or pre-packed sandwiches. I have plenty of veg, but not so much fruit because it's full of natural sugar. I eat sweet potatoes instead of white ones."

Check out the promo video for Vicky's seven day slim !! 

Follow the link below to buy Vicky's seven day slim

Whats your verdict on Vicky's transformation and will you be buying Vicky's seven day slim ?

Kelly D xx

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  1. Is there an online version that I can buy? The DVD won't work for my region (Australia) thanks!!! I'm a huge fan of Vicky!